Remember Who You Are

Elements of Magic: Weaving the Web of Mystery and Connection
co-held with Kristen Rawson & horizon

Before there were airplanes, there was the smell of wildflowers on the cool spring breeze. Before there were light bulbs, there was molten lava, meandering powerfully through the realms, birthing itself into creation. Before there were such things as human-made dams, there were free-flowing, life-sustaining rivers, spreading themselves gloriously across the lands. Before there were forests old enough to have been grown, clear cut and grown again, there was the first seedling, sprouting up through soil, full of intention and possibility. Before there were spoken words, there was the heartbeat of life. Magic.  

Air. Fire. Water. Earth. Spirit. These five Sacred Elements are the foundation of our world, our bodies, our wisdom and our magics.  In this 6 week Elements of Magic class, we will pursue a practice of curiosity, awareness and integrative learning. Each week, with the Elements as our guides, we will explore the art and contours of Reclaiming magic and ritual. Together we will cultivate the skills of: creating sacred space, trance work, embodied consciousness, sensing energy, directing life-force, empowerment, transformation and more.

Tending the Community Temple: Elements of Community Magic
co-held with Dawn Isidora & horizon

“Our tradition honors the wild, and calls for service to the earth and the community.” In magical community, we bring our diversity, visions, intentions, words, actions, selves, souls and power-fullness to the collective. As co-holders of the beautiful, intersectional, feminist, anarchist, magical tradition that is Reclaiming Witchcraft, we birth the world we want to live in by changing our consciousness at will and breathing into being the living ecosystem that holds our collective magic: community.

Healing happens in relationship, between bodies, hearts, nervous systems and spirits. And, the struggle is real. Conflict is part of relationship, feelings are hurt, mistakes are made, egos are wounded, power is abused. Community is wonderfully queer and wholey non-binary: there is not a single story here.  Wonderful and terrible. Beautiful and messy. Brilliant and exacerbating. Powerful, transformative, co-created: community magic.

This community magic class is dedicated to bringing to life the spellwork outlined in our Reclaiming Principles of Unity: “to create and sustain communities and cultures that embody our values, that can help to heal the wounds of the earth and her peoples, and that can sustain us and nurture future generations.” This is a skills class, offering concrete pathways, tools and a collective language for how we make Reclaiming magic.

Iron Pentacle: Remember Who You Are
co-held with Irisanya & horizon

“Who is this flower above me and what is the work of this god?
I would know myself in all my parts.”
-Feri Prayer

What if even when your heart was breaking you re-membered that you are a witch? What if that re-membering became a hope, became a knowing, became a relationship, became a spell,  became a changing of all the worlds. Magic so powerful it transforms our cells, unapologetically uprooting the lies of a sick white supremacist, misogynistic, fat shaming, capitalist, ageist, heteronormative, transphobic, ableist, disconnective culture, reknitting our wounds with the brilliant truths of a deep interdependence, a humility for the intelligence of the wild, a love of our ancestors, a reverence for the divine and a bone-deep knowingness that we, too, are divine.

What if this magic were as simple and complex as breathing into our pentacle bodies, opening our hearts and allowing/inviting/directing the Iron Pentacle to change us. It is. (And, it is the work of our lifetime).

The Iron Pentacle is Lineage Magic. A gift and a map offered in love from Elders and Ancestors.  A portal into the witchcraft of change and possibility and re-membering and making real what our Souls know is possible.  This is magic we stir and seal within our pentacle bodies through the portals of Sex, Pride, Self, Power, Passion. If in reading this you feel a curiosity, a hunger, a resonance, a “hell yes” or a “that can’t possibly be me,” we invite you to join us in this in person working to remember who the fuck you are.

Pearl Pentacle: The Witches Gather
co-held with Dawn Isidora & horizon

Building upon the steadfast foundation of the Iron Pentacle, Pearl Pentacle is known as the work many lifetimes. This magic comes to life when, as a community of witches, we bring our fully empowered birthright Iron Pentacle selves into the communal. Here we access magic found not in isolation but rather in community. Guided by the Pearl Pentacle points of: Love, Law, Knowledge, Liberty and Wisdom, we re-member that each one of us is needed for the work of collective liberation, that each of our magics is required in this moment and that we are not alone in this seeking. In this Reclaiming core class, the mystery of the Pearl Pentacle asks us to take a risk, open our hearts, let go of perfection and step into the beauty of “we are the ones we have been waiting for.”

Rewilding Sorrow
co-held with Alex & horizon

Now that I
That grief
Emotionally speaking
Is the same
As gold
I do not despair
That we are
All of us
Born to grieve.
-Alice Walker

Our beating hearts. Our first and final ritual, priestessing lifeforce through our veins. Our broken hearts. Cauldron of Life by whose fierceness we navigate the oceans of joy and despair. Our activist hearts. Visionary change-weavers whose powers kindle the fires of hope and transformation. This is the magic of authenticity, healing and presence.

In a world where many of us experience chronic exhaustion due to intergenerational and historical traumas, and are immersed in an overculture constantly inviting us to numb, disconnect, ignore, profit and consume, we have a primal, vital need for sacred spaces where we can be present in our grief. As we embody the sacred practices of taking up time and space to fully experience loss, we uncover the pathways that sustain and cultivate life. This magic is the prayer/song/spell whose effect voices truth and need so that we might return to living fully and in harmony within the Web of Life. Together we will challenge and transform how we are taught to hold grief in oppressive, white supremacist, normative overcultures, learning and re-learning to read our bodies, the earth, stars and Spirit.  As witches, storytellers, activists and healers we bravely unweave the hex of disconnection, moving away from shame and hopelessness toward love, connection, intimacy and resilience.

We grieve because we have loved. We grieve because we have known joy. We grieve so that we might live.

Hearth of the Water Healers
co-held w/ Willow & horizon

Love, connection, presence, justice. Different names of the same magic. We, sacred ones, are made of earth, water, breath and stardust. There are 37.2 trillion cells in our humyn bodies, every single one of them sacred. Every. Single. One. There is none that exists in isolation. We are an ecosystem living within an ecosystem living within an ecosystem. This is the web of life. Breathe into it, feel it, pray to it, sing to it. Feel it sing to you. Isolation is a lie that feeds the overculture of greed and injustice. This is not a polite dismantling of illusion. This is deep, foundational, change-agent magic we are reclaiming.

We open our hearts to the Earth, its Waters, each other, ourselves. We taste the sweetness and the pain of that opening in a vessel of our own creation filled with empathy and compassion. We hold space for the voices of oppression among us and beyond our communities in our diverse world, seeing all such power-over systems as interrelated and inseparable. We ask the Great Mystery how to disentangle the web of injustice; to find the thread that will unravel the whole tapestry of hatred, bigotry and the illusion of separation. We listen. We pray. We imagine. We experiment. We blend science and magic together to open the way through the forces of love and interconnection.

This is a path of deep healing, exploration, motivation, and coming together in new unfolding ways. We will use tools of theatre, poetry, trance, devotion, music, and language to imagine and claim our place in this time. Join us in the magical laboratory of Witchcamp to experiment with new ritual technologies to aid others and ourselves in this era of the Great Turning and the magic of awakening to our interconnection.

Wholehearted Magick: Liberating Our Fierce Hearts
co-held with Irisanya & horizon

In the time of the tower, we find ourselves in rubble. The remnants of stories, of promises, of safety, and of sureness. What happens when everything falls away? What happens when we find ourselves in unrecognizable places with hearts that are breaking, again and again?

“If your heart is broken, make art with the pieces.” ― Shane Koyczan

Yet, our hearts beat, sending the blood of potential and possibility from chamber to chamber, when we’re awake and asleep. There is magic in our hearts. We are the keepers of stories who long to travel the length of veins, who long to be witnessed and heard and seen. We are the visionaries, re-remembering and re-learning how to make something beautiful from the rubble. 

In this magical working, we seek to enter sacred and scared space. To arrive where we are, when we are, as we are. We are unapologetically enough. 

We will learn together:
~How to hold all parts of ourselves, even the unsure ones, especially the unsure ones
~How to meet ourselves in breakdowns and mirrors without needing to change
~How to ask for what we need in our grief and in our anger
~How to hold well the larger questions of personal and community needs
~How to conjure and liberate our power for our present, past, and future selves

This weekend is for you if you’ve been wondering how to live in wholehearted wonder (again).

This weekend is for you if you’ve been aching to expand your resilience and capacity for all that arrives.

This weekend is for you if you seek joy and pleasure and deep connection to that rhythm in your chest.

This work of the heart is the work of dismantling and returning to our fierce selves. 

For if the body holds the echo of our trauma, it also holds the story of our liberation.  

May we emerge embodied, alive, and inspired — again and again. 

This is an artistry, this is a shadow-dance, this is allowing the wisdom of your reliable and loving ancestors to give you insight and blessing on how to move the visions for a just and liberated world, through you. – rain crowe

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