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Seattle WA: 5600 Rainier Ave S #203, Seattle, WA 98118
Virtual Therapy Across Oregon & Washington States
Nature-Based Therapy in South Seattle
Land Acknowledgement

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horizon greene (she/her), LICSW & LCSW

Offering Care Across Oregon & Washington States

Energy Exchange w/ horizon
$230/session for ongoing therapy**
$230/session for post-licensure consultation (some sliding scale available)
$350/hr for personalized trauma healing intensive work (6 & 9 clinical hours)
$160/session for pre-licensure supervision
$145/session for EMDR, IFS & IFS-informed EMDR consultation

**horizon is able to bill in-network for Washington-based transgender clients with Kaiser coverage. All sliding scale therapy slots are currently full.

Cooper Stodden (they/them), LMFTA, CSE

Offering nature-based therapy on Coast Salish land in Seattle.
Limited telehealth in Washington State.

Energy Exchange w/ Cooper
$160/hr for Nature-based therapy with adults**
$160/hr for Safe & Sound Protocol Individual Intensives (8 clinical hours)
$160/hr for Safe & Sound Protocol Family Intensives (16 clinical hours)

**No sliding scale access at this time. Cooper is able to bill in-network for Washington-based transgender clients with Kaiser coverage.

For additional providers who offer gender affirming consults, I recommend these lists for Portland providers and Seattle providers. The Gender Affirming Letter Access Project is a resource for folx to find access to medical necessity letters without cost. The no more gatekeeping list is a growing list of providers across the country who will offer support letters within 1 session.

Community Care
We make monthly contributions to the national bail out.

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