Nature Based Therapy

Remember Who You Are

Nature-based  ~  Liberatory  ~  Magical

Therapy for transgender, non-binary, queer, and lesbian ADHDers
And other exuberant folx with big feelings and tender hearts
~offered by Cooper~

In South Seattle, WA – Coast Salish land
*Limited telehealth availability for clients in WA

You believe that all humans, regardless of identities and experiences, deserve respect, belonging, and love. 

And that if you kept working hard, maybe you’d deserve those things too.

You feel like there is something fundamentally wrong or broken in you.

On good days you understand intellectually that these burdens you carry are from intergenerational trauma, oppression, abuse, invalidation, bullying, or other hurts.

On hard days those insights are shadowed by shame, self-doubt, and self-criticism.

It didn’t start with you. 

It’s not yours to heal alone. 

You belong here.

The World Needs Your Magic.

“Radical self-acceptance means understanding that we were made exactly as we were meant to be. There is no part of us without a purpose. There is no excess in how we are put together. There was no mistake made here.” –  Chani Nicholas

You don’t have to keep feeling this way.

I help transgender, non-binary, queer, and lesbian ADHDers to grow self-acceptance, self-esteem, and self-compassion.

To increase connections and co-regulation with nature and other allies to support healing.

To move how your unique body needs to move.

To deepen magical and spiritual practices that support regulation, empowerment, and belonging.

To feel more well. 

I am a person who cultivates strength and regulates my body through dance, movement, connection with nature, and my spiritual practices. From a deep relationship with my own humanness and returning over and over to the work of re-regulation, I blend parts work, treating internalized oppression and nature-based therapy to help folx access the self-acceptance, self-esteem, and self-compassion that is their birthright.

I am a witch. My tradition integrates magic and politics. An ecofeminist activist tradition.

How this shows up in therapy with me:

I use magical tools like ritual, tarot, the elements, connection with nature, connection with ancestors and other guides, and movement to help you find the change you are looking for. 

I bring my training as a family therapist and my experience with ancestral lineage healing practices to use a systemic lens to help you understand and heal from intergenerational patterns, traumas, and burdens passed down through your family lines. 

I understand that oppression is trauma and that the ways we internalize oppression cause suffering in our lives, bodies, and communities. As a student of the healing internalized oppression framework, I help people find ways to heal from oppression’s internalized impacts. 

As a trained IFS Therapist (Level 1), my practice is deeply inspired by the wisdom of Internal Family Systems, which teaches us to compassionately understand our thoughts, emotions, behaviors, and feelings as a response to systemic wounding and protection rather than the result of pathology. We will work within your inner world by honoring and collaborating with your body’s protective system rather than fighting or overriding it. IFS invites the practices of deep witnessing, trust-building, nurturing, and self-attunement (the relational practices of safety and love) to help us feel whole and free. 

As a person with lived experience as a late-diagnosed ADHDer, I invite, model, and coach neurodivergent folx on moving how their unique body needs to move to regulate and feel free. I will help you affirm your body wisdom and better understand yourself and your sensory needs. 

Healing is our birthright and there are so many ways that healing happens. As a systemic, neurodivergent-affirming, and trans/gender/queer affirming therapist, I accompany folx through the tender journey of finding the pathways that lead to their unique healing. 

We are not supposed to heal alone.

We belong to this earth and these times. –rain crowe

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