Liberation Rooted Supervision

Remember Who You Are

Social Work with a Justice Heart

Liberation is not the work of one person. It is ours collectively, the work of our lifetimes. And as we have come to know (as in remembering), community trauma requires community healing. And because all trauma is at its core interpersonal, all trauma requires community healing. And this we heal in relationship. This we heal in the field of love and care and belonging. 

Community Healing (Liberation) is what comes after the work of collective trauma metabolism. The Star after the Tower. The brilliance we are able to be after the true dismantling of all systems of domination and oppression. As social justice warrior Michelle Cassandra Johnson says, “We need to ask ourselves not just what we are dismantling, but what we are mantling, what we are creating.”

I am a trauma worker, a somatic therapist and a culture builder. I mentor social workers, therapists and other healers in the deeply embodied, open-hearted work of somatic trauma healing. And by this I mean our birthright ability to heal our individual and collective traumas, griefs, ecosystems and futures. And by this I mean healing in ways that are rooted in love, that unlock what is possible.

I believe those of us working within systems (including within a system of licensure) are harm reductionists.  I supervise folx who understand they are working within deeply racist, oppressive systems and institutions, yet long to learn what a liberatory practice culture could look and feel like in their bodies and in their healing practice.

I have spent more than 21 years in a deep study of how healing happens, learning to undo oppression while learning to co-create cultures of justice and belonging.  I have been mentoring and supervising folx in anti-oppressive, liberatory healing modalities for more than 15 years. I help liberatory therapists step into their full power as visionary healers. This is my life’s work.

I supervise folx who have a deep longing to practice social work that is anti-racist, queer/trans-affirming, neurodivergent affirming, fat/body positive, anti-ableist, anti-oppressive, magical and liberatory. Folx working in private and group practice settings, but also folx working in community mental health, on ACT case management teams, in hospital systems, in Emergency Departments, in clinics and in other social service agencies. Folx who want to do the work, again and again, of realigning our practice with the pendulum of our justice hearts. The way we make the change is the change.

Supervision with me will help you:
~anchor your practice in relational neuroscience (and create more safety in the room)
~bring a depth of curiosity to your practice that will transform stuckness with clients
~track your own nervous system in the work so that you can show up well for others
~compassionately meet and tend the parts of you that feel like an imposter
~find and strengthen your clinical voice and amplify your access to well-held power
~apply principles of harm reduction & abolition in your practice while understanding practice ethics and meeting legal responsibilities as a licensed SWer
~integrate IFS & IFS-Informed EMDR in your practice (or draw from the wisdom of these beautiful healing modalities to more consistently achieve trauma metabolism)
~align your practice with your deeply held values of justice/liberation (again and again)
~increase nervous system flexibility in your own ecosystem body (so you can help clients reach for regulation in theirs). this is how we do the work.

Group Supervision
I have 2 current group supervision offerings. For more information, click here.

Supervision Jurisdiction
I offer individual and group supervision to Social workers in Oregon & Washington states.

Liberatory Supervision for Therapists from other Healing Lineages
I am an approved supervisor in Washington State and supervise justice-aligned therapists from other practice lineages who want individual mentorship in liberation based trauma therapy. My current groups are social work specific/affinity.

The world needs your magic.

We who believe in freedom cannot rest until it comes – Ella Baker

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