Remember Who You Are

~Who We Are~
Village Witch Therapy is a trauma healing practice rooted in the vision of personal & collective liberation. We believe and practice that all bodies have dignity and worth, that love is our most powerful magic and that healing is our birthright. We help trauma survivors and folx with a lived experience of oppression to feel more whole and free. We help liberatory therapists and other magic makers step into their full power as visionary healers. We know and practice what folk magic has taught us and what neuroscience continues to reaffirm—that our capacity for healing is a brilliance we are born into.

~ What We Dream Of ~
Our offerings reflect the liberatory future we dream of and work to invoke. We dream of a time when we are so deeply connected to each other and the land that oppression is unimaginable. We relate to each other with a deep somatic understanding of our nervous systems as we tend to our relational impact. Community conflict and traumas are held and healed collectively and relational repair is a woven response to rupture. We live as if our liberation were bound up in each others and the land. (It is).

~ What We’re Here To Do ~
In our dreams (we speak them out so that we can make them so) Black, Indigenous, and People of Color are known as the radiant beings of dignity and worth they are and have always been. Fat folx are met with awe and reverence, the curves and textures of fatness a spell that reminds us of beauty. Neurodivergence is understood as a true wonder, a sacredness that reminds us of the vastness of stars, re-inviting us into freedom. Trans men, trans women, nonbinary folk and queers are seen as the mystics, truth-tellers and shape shifters we were born to be. And too, we dream of (and work toward) Abolition and Land Back.

We are not supposed to heal alone.

Dandelions don’t know whether they are a weed or a brilliance. But each seed can create a field of dandelions. We are invited to be that prolific. And to return fertility to the soil around us. – adrienne maree brown

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