School of Remembering

Remember Who You Are

Some of us come from ancestral lineages who have always been, and remain, deeply connected to land and spirit. These knowings are practiced today and passed as unbroken offerings from ancestor to descendant. Others come from long-since broken lineages, thirsty (sometimes without noticing) for the story and myth and ritual from our own forgotten histories.

Still. Each of us has Ancestors who were deeply connected to the land. Ancestors who knew the medicines, songs and stories of the bioregion, whose magics sang of belonging and connection, who knew the earth to be alive, who understood that all living beings have dignity and worth. 

We all come from a lineage of magic we can reach for. Folk magic belonging to the people, to us. Not a belonging of ownership, but one of deep connection. A knowing of to whom we belong. And in this belonging, a clarity. One that counteracts the violence of appropriation, entitlement and extraction, counteracting the harms done by those who do (and take) whatever they want without permission or reciprocity. And here, a disarming. This magic (belonging to us) a woven paradox of unhexing and re-enchantment, of decolonization and possibility made real. What is remembered lives.

The work of liberation is not the work of one person. Liberation is a community healing, a community spell. Having listened to our own hearts, we know what the deep wisdom of your heart also knows—that a strand of this spell is yours to weave. And we know that now is the time. 

We help liberatory therapists and other magic makers step into their full power as visionary healers. Join us by stepping into this circle. The world needs your magic. 

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The world needs your magic.

Dominant culture has asked you to be a fragment of who you truly are.
You are whole as you are. -Michelle Cassandra Johnson

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